Melissa Mull



Melissa Mull is an international speaker, author, educator, entrepreneur, and Air Force Reservist. She is the founder of Inspire At Will, Inc., a personal development education firm whose mission is to expose and instill an attitude and mindset that inspires positive action to achieve purpose, fulfillment, and success. She is the creator of “The M.A.R.K. Project”, a program for high school students and college/young adults that ensures each participant knows their potential and and “Beyond the Box” , a program for separating or retiring military members, police officers, and firefighters transitioning out of uniform.

Melissa has twenty-five years of experience as a Military Intelligence Chief, Professional Military Education Instructor, Master Resilience Trainer, Certified Curriculum Developer, Middle and High School teacher, and Certified Trainer for her mentor, Jack Canfield (author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, The Secret, and The Success Principles). Her Career focus has been education, training and development, mentoring and teaching about leadership, followership, team-building, resilience and the importance of personal development.


Chelsea McCleod

Director of Business Development


Chelsea McCleod is a native Floridian and former collegiate athlete with a passion for philanthropy.  With over half a decade of experience, she specializes in working within the intricacies of business organization, event planning, client-relations, and strategic partnerships. Facing her own struggles with finding her purpose after an athletic career-ending injury, she can personally relate to and regularly shares the importance of internal wellness and mental health.  She currently curates and manages strong relationships and business practices to help guide others find their own purpose, fulfillment, and success.  Outside of work, Chelsea serves as Treasurer on the executive board for the Robert L. Greene Jr. Foundation.