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Melissa Mull

Melissa Mull is an international speaker, author, educator, entrepreneur, and Air Force Reservist. She is the founder of Inspire At Will, Inc., a personal development education firm whose mission is to expose and instill an attitude and mindset that inspires positive action to achieve purpose, fulfillment, and success.  She is the creator of “The M.A.R.K. Project”, a program for high school students and college/young adults that teaches each participant how to discover, pursue, and reach their true potential.  Melissa also created, “Beyond the Box” a program that helps separating, retiring, and veteran military, police, firefighters, and EMS transition out of uniform into the civilian world.  

Melissa has twenty-five years of experience as a Military Intelligence Chief, Professional Military Education Instructor, Master Resilience Trainer, Certified Curriculum Developer, and Certified Trainer for her mentor, Jack Canfield (author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, The Secret, and The Success Principles).  Her career focus has been education, training and development, mentoring and teaching about leadership, team-building, resilience and the importance of personal development. 

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"Working with Melissa has been instrumental in both my professional and personal growth.  She has invested her time, knowledge and years of leadership experience into helping me identify my goals. Through her instructional sessions and trainings, I have learned to develop, implement and reach my objectives.  She is a mentor, encourager and a trainer.  I’m thankful for Melissa sharing her gift of helping others realize their potential with me!"

- Bria Sullivan,

Owner of B. Sulli Coaching





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Sandra Grace, Speaker

Asheville, North Carolina

I couldn’t believe that when you were speaking that you were talking right to me. I felt that you could see my every thought about the struggles I was having with moving forward in my life and career. You blew it all wide open for me and I felt as if I was standing on my head. That you so much for making it all so clear and easy. You are a woman who walks her talk!


Tina Cardoso, Owner

Howie Mac Photo - Riverview, Florida

Melissa with Inspire At Will is an amazing speaker and educator! She offers quality programs that teach and inspire others to be and do their best. She is one of the best educators I’ve worked with - not only is she an experienced instructor, she truly cares about the people she works with.


Susan Freebern, Owner

Veritas Consulting, LLC - Lakeland, Florida

From the moment you meet Melissa Mull you will want to spend more time with her. She has an infectious personality and sharp mind. Her ability to make you feel secure is what helps her draw out true desires and intentions. She guides you down your current life path giving you tools and resources to become the best YOU. With her on your side, you see a clear path to a brighter future.